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"Very comprehensive breakdown of Muay Thai techniques, physiology, & kinesiology of the combinations."
- Renzo Gracie Academy

"Damage Control MMA online courses are worth it. I thought I knew everything, and these guys totally turned my world upside-down. All the little details stepped my game up two or three hundred percent."
- Jake "The Snake" Paul
(3x Gladiator Challenge Champ)

"I learn something every time I come here."
- Brandon "The Murderer" Melendez
(The Ultimate Fighter Quarter Finalist)

Comprehensive MMA Instruction
On Your Computer or Smartphone

From: Coaches Brian Yamaskaki & Brandon Kiser

Dear Friend,

Are you ready to start your own training program, or perhaps start an MMA training club with friends?

The Damage Control MMA online academy has all of the instruction you need.

In addition to a library of around 300 technique videos with more added weekly, members also have direct access to instructors to request specific techniques or upload fight/training videos for helpful feedback.

Check out this sample video for detailed instruction on how to finish an opponent with the Anaconda Throw "Quick Kill".


The Absolute Best Value
In MMA Training

No matter how much you love MMA, it can be difficult to find the time or money to train as hard as you want.

But now you can have 24/7 access to unlimited training for a fraction of the cost of an MMA gym membership.

Learn fresh new techniques, theory, & strategy
while developing maximum strength & fitness

"I've been trained by the best in the world, but coaches Brian & Brandon always have new insights into the fight game to teach me."
- Cade "Sakit" Anderson
(Coached Randy Couture)

"Your online training program is great. I currently teach Jeet Kune Do and Filipino martial arts and am trying to up my groundwork and clinch game. Your site has been extremely helpful in that."
- Jay Gaule
(Martial Arts Instructor in UK)

"I continue my training with Coach Kiser of Damage Control MMA for many reasons, but mostly because he understands the whole package of MMA and not just a specific art."
- Kyacey Uscola
(The Ultimate Fighter 11 Contestant)

"The online training is very good. A lot of good concepts rather than just technique."
- Luke Gregory
(Oklahoma, USA)

We are coaches Brian Yamasaki & Brandon Kiser, professional MMA instructors for over 10 years, and we're excited that you're taking a huge step in developing your MMA training.

You may recognize us from dozens of televised appearances on various TV stations around the world.

Or perhaps from our popular training videos on YouTube that have received over two million views.

We've trained for many years, and continue to train with the world's best instructors in fighting arts such as:

Together we've coached and cornered fighters at all levels. From local amateur events to huge promotions like Bodog, UFC, and IFL.

We've shared a lot of good information, but have saved our most treasured techniques for our loyal private students.

If Your Training Partners Don't Beg You
To Explain How You're Beating Them,
We'll Give Your Money Back

For the first time ever, we're making it easy for anyone to learn MMA with access to our vast library of fighting technique videos, with new ones added every week.

You would probably spend more on gas each month driving back and forth to an MMA gym, than our low monthly fee.

And with our discounted annual subscription, you can get 12 months of training for less than the cost of 1 month's tuition at many gyms.

Instant victory with 4 different quick-kill takedowns that go directly to submissions.

Brutal locks that make them tap in pain even when you're in the most vulnerable position.

Master octagon control with our essential footwork drills.

Drastically reduce your risk of getting KOed with 3 critical tips.

Destroy "technique inbreeding" by introducing new moves to your training partners.

Learn how to improvise new, unseen chokes through a method proven to win cage fights.

Be unmountable with 9 different Houdini escapes to handle any energy thrown at you.

This is a small sample of our vast library of techniques.

We invested hundreds of hours and spared no expense in creating a structured series of videos that will teach you all aspects of MMA, including many techniques that only the most advanced pro fighters use.

Stop Wasting Time With Old Fashioned Methods

Books - Can't see tempo, flow, and other detailed information that video provides.

DVDs - No automatic updates of new techniques and you can't ask questions.

YouTube - No comprehensive, structured program. Lots of junk to sort through.

Damage Control MMA - Tons of video. Constantly updated. Direct access to instructors.

Learn MMA On Your Own Schedule

In addition to 24/7 access from your computer or laptop, we just upgraded our technology so you can view our massive library of training videos from your Smart Phone or iPad.

iPhone Compatible

Supported Mobile Devices:

Now you can study the latest MMA techniques while waiting in line, commuting to work, from a hotel room, or anywhere your smart phone or iPad has access to the internet.

Top MMA Instructors Praise Our Training

The legendary Renzo Gracie BJJ Academy had this to say about our online training article and series of videos on Muay Thai Leg Kicks for MMA:
"Very comprehensive breakdown of Muay Thai techniques, physiology, & kinesiology of the combinations."

- Renzo Gracie Academy

World class Muay Thai instructor, Cade "Sakit" Anderson, led Randy Couture out of retirement and into a Heavyweight Title belt in UFC 68. If you listen to Randy's televised post-fight interview, he gives a shout out to Cade for teaching and drilling the winning combination with him.
"I'm extremely proud to say that both Brandon and Brian are my close personal friends, and a constant inspiration in everything I do. The humility, insight, and adaptability these two offer is unparalleled.

Because these two are such an effective team, I always make sure to drop into their gym and watch the online videos every chance I get.

I've been blessed to be able to be part of the Damage Control MMA team and always offer my services to them any chance I get. I've been trained by the best in the world but Brian and Brandon always have new techniques and insights into the fight game to teach me."

- Cade "Sakit" Anderson
  (Muay Thai instructor at top gyms including Legends & Xtreme Couture)

Save Time & Money By Training More Effectively

Members from all over the world subscribe to our training program and rave about how effective our training is.

Here are some of the reasons why they love being a Damage Control MMA member, and why you will too:

Own your training partners with moves they're not expecting.

Understand MMA theory and strategy, not just techniques.

Train on your own schedule with 24/7 access.

Save hundreds of dollars in gym membership fees.

Stop wasting time searching YouTube for individual moves.

Develop a complete MMA game through our structured program.

Kick butt in Wrestling, Boxing, Muay Thai, & Jiu-Jitsu.

Get answers to questions with direct access to pro instructors.

Pro Fighters Love Training With Us

Together we've coached and cornered fighters at all levels. From local amateur events to huge promotions like UFC, Bodog, and IFL. This is what the pros have to say about our training:
Kyacey Uscola
The Ultimate Fighter (Season 11) Contestant
Professional Fighter in Bodog, KOTC, & Sport Fight

Brandon Kiser (center right) cornering for Former Bodog Fighter Kyacey Uscola (center left), with Gladiator Challenge Champion Jake Paul (far left) and Former WEC Champion Uriah Faber (far right).

"I continue my training with Brandon Kiser of Damage Control MMA because he understands me as a fighter. I enjoy training with him for many reasons but mostly because he understands the whole package of MMA and not just a specific art or two.

He also understands fighters on a psychological level because he was a fighter. Only someone who has fought can really understand the bond fighters have, particularly the successful ones..."

- Kyacey Uscola
(Competitor on The Ultimate Fighter 11)

Brandon "The Murderer" Melendez
The Ultimate Fighter Quarter Finalist

UFC veteran Brandon shares his thoughts on why he feels training with Brian and Brandon is so effective.

Jake Paul
3X Gladiator Challenge Welterweight Champion

Jake discusses his various belts as well as his thoughts on the advantages of online training and the technical details and knowledge Brian and Brandon are able to share.

Not Just For Hardened Professional Fighters

We love the excitement of training and cornering our pro athletes, but we are just as passionate about sharing our techniques with regular guys who love the sport as much as we do.

Here is what some of our members have to say about training online with us:

Jay Gaule
Martial Arts Instructor in UK

"Your website is great. I currently teach Jeet Kune Do and Filipino martial arts and am trying to up my groundwork and clinch game. Your site has been extremely helpful in that."

Alexia Bartling
Paralegal in USA

"I'll be joining a kickboxing gym in a few months, and the Damage Control MMA online training has been a great resource in preparing me. It gives me confidence that I'll show up for my first day with a solid background and an understanding of the basics.

I love the forum with access to the instructors and other more experienced members."

Brian Sauer
Assistant Professor of Epidemiology at the University Utah

"I wanted to join an MMA gym, but was intimidated since I was in my mid 30s. As a university professor, I was also concerned about showing up to work with black eyes and broken noses. I'm so happy I found Damage Control MMA, and am able to train under Brian and Brandon.

They are intuitive and knowledgeable coaches. They focus on technique and its practical application. If you think you want to learn Muay Thai or combat submission wrestling then I encourage you to give this online training a try – you won’t regret it."

Aaron Okura
Amateur MMA Fighter

"The techniques shown here at Damage Control MMA helped me achieve a 3-0 MMA record.

The videos are packed with details, and the multiple camera angles are extremely effective in helping me learn."

Luke Gregory
Oklahoma, USA

"The website and online training is very good. A lot of good concepts rather than just technique."

Kyle Grealis
Naples, Florida

"As a member of your online MMA academy, I truly appreciate how y'all break down the nuances and minute details of every move.

Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication. It would be an honor if you selected my email to use as testimony!"

Turn Any Weakness Into A Strength With
Detailed Instruction On All Aspects of MMA

If you can't find what you're looking for on our site, just ask for it. We enjoy filming instructional requests from members, and do it constantly.

A sample of our Library of Techniques is listed below. New techniques, articles, theories, and or drills are added every week and we now have around 300 videos.


Fight Core MMA training DVD with guest instructors including:

  • UFC Veteran Josh Burkman
  • Bodog Fighter Kyacey Uscola
  • UFC Veteran Derek Downey
  • Team Quest & Xtreme Couture jiu-jitsu coach Dennis Davis

$29 VALUE for FREE

Entire DVD contents available in downloadable formats for Windows, Mac, & iPhone.


Three Pack MP3 Audio Drill Set. It's like having a live instructor right there with you round after round.

Boxing Rounds
Boxing Round 1 (3:00 minute round)
Boxing Round 2 (3:00 minute round)
Boxing Round 3 (3:00 minute round)
Boxing Round 4 (3:00 minute round)
Boxing Round 5 (3:00 minute round)

Thai Boxing Rounds
Thai Boxing Round 1 (3:00 minute round)
Thai Boxing Round 2 (3:00 minute round)
Thai Boxing Round 3 (3:00 minute round)
Thai Boxing Round 4 (3:00 minute round)
Thai Boxing Round 5 (3:00 minute round)

MMA Rounds
MMA Round 1 (5:00 minute round)
MMA Round 2 (5:00 minute round)
MMA Round 3 (5:00 minute round)
MMA Round 4 (5:00 minute round)
MMA Round 5 (5:00 minute round)

$17 VALUE for FREE


2 Weeks Free Training in Salt Lake City Gym.
All active members are welcome and encouraged to come train with us in person at our MMA gym in Salt Lake City, UT.

In addition to friendly coaching with Brian & Brandon, we have a wide range of training partners including experienced amateur and pro MMA fighters. We have 3 certified Combat Submission Wrestling coaches under MMA legend Erik Paulson.

Damage Control MMA Gym

$75 VALUE for FREE

Video Library
  1. Basic Boxing Stance
  2. Basic Boxing Stance - Additional Details
  3. Basic Thai Boxing Stance
  4. Basic Footwork
  5. MMA Striking Theory
  6. Basic Left Jab
  7. Basic Straight Right
  8. Basic Left Hook
  9. Basic Thai Round Kick
  10. MMA Head, Knee, Toe Theory
  11. Understanding The Underhook
  12. Chest Pummel Drill
  13. Body Lock Takedown
  14. Lift Body Lock Takedown
  15. Knee Bump Body Lock Takedown from T Body Position
  16. Basic Thai Clinch or Prumb
  17. Prumb Pummel
  18. Combined Chest and Prumb Pummel
  19. Basic Up Knee
  20. Skip Knee 1 From Prumb
  21. Skip Knee 2 From Prumb
  22. Basic Lift Double Leg Takedown
  23. Low Outside Leg Trip
  24. Midline Outside Leg Trip
  25. High Outside Leg Trip
  26. Basic Single Leg Dump - Running The Pipe
  27. Inside Low Single Leg
  28. Spiral Takedown
  29. Knee Tap Takedown
  30. Arm In Body Lock Takedown
  31. Head Pummel
  32. Hip Distance Theory
  33. Underhook vs Overhook Theory
  34. Basic Takedown Drill
  35. Combined Striking to Takedown Drill
  36. MMA Training: Prumb Extras 1
  37. Erik Paulson High Low High Entry Into Double
  38. Outside Leg Trip Set Up By Draw
  39. Loaded Leg Sweep Single
  40. Outside Angle Set Up For The Turn The Corner Double
  41. Inside Angle Set Up For Inside Low Single
  42. Toe Lock
  43. Focus Mitt Footage Part 1
  44. Focus Mitt Footage part 2
  45. Focus Mitt Footage Part 3
  46. Focus Mitt Footage Part 4
  47. Kimura to Arm Triangle
  48. MMA Set Up For the Arm In Body Lock Takedown
  49. MMA Set Up For The Spiral Takedown
  50. Striking Set Up Takedown Drill
  51. Whizzar Uchi Mata
  52. Whizzar to Gator Roll and Anaconda Choke Quick Kill
  53. Arm Pit Shove Escape to Eminent Guard Pass
  54. Sweep Kick
  55. Anatomy Of The Triangle Choke Part 1
  56. Anatomy Of The Triangle Choke Part 2
  57. Anatomy Of The Triangle Choke Part 3
  58. Anatomy Of The Triangle Choke Part 4
  59. Making Martini's Quasi Striking From Top Half Guard
  60. How to Hit & Hold Focus Mitts
  61. The Up Series
  62. The Diagonal Series
  63. How To Hold Thai Pads
  64. The Muay Thai 4 Count – In Depth (3 part series)
  65. Bob and Weave Combination
  66. Hop Right + Right Hand
  67. Jab + Slip and Uppercut
  68. Mount Escape 2 – Umpa Variation
  69. Mount Escape 3 – The Jake Paul Stiff Arm
  70. Mount Escape 4 – Foot Drag/Lift Knee Escape
  71. Mount Escape 5 – Basic Elbow To Knee Escape
  72. Mount Escape 6 – Make A Hole
  73. Mount Escape 7 – Heel Twist Mount Escape
  74. Mount Escape 8 – Single Grape Vine Counter
  75. Mount Escape 9 – Hip Lift Heel Lock
  76. The Flying Guard Sweep
  77. Flying Guard Sweep set up to Double Leg Takedown
  78. The High Double Leg Takedown
  79. Knee Bar From Standing Back Clinch (Pekiti Tirsia Set Up)
  80. Out Of Position Kimura 1 - Basic Kimura
  81. Out Of Position Kimura 2 - Defended Kimura Sweep
  82. Out Of Position Kimura 3 - Step Over Re-Counter
  83. Out Of Position Kimura 4 - Arm Bar Counter Defense 1
  84. Out Of Position Kimura 5 - Arm Bar Counter Defense 2
  85. Out Of Position Kimura 6 - Angle Change Re-Sweep
  86. Stand Up In Base - Technical Get Up
  87. Quarter Position 1 - Fundamentals
  88. Quarter Position 2 - Face Lock Options
  89. Quarter Position 3 - Short Choke Options
  90. Quarter Position 4 – CACC Turn Over
  91. Quarter Position 5 – Arm Triangle
  92. Quarter Position 6 – Punching Barrage
  93. Quarter Position 7 – Quarter Nelson Knees
  94. Quarter Position 8 – The Big Picture
  95. Ankle Crank Counter To Back Mount
  96. Omo Plata Counter to Single Leg
  97. Leg Kicking Theory (weighted vs unweighted)
  98. J + C + Leg Kick
  99. J + C + H + Leg Kick
  100. Leg Kick By Draw
  101. Kicking the Rear Leg and Inside Leg Kick
  102. Guardless Guillotine
  103. Back Mount Escapes - The Big Picture
  104. Back Mount Escape 1 - Fingers Point the Way
  105. Back Mount Escape 2 - Into The High Arm
  106. Back Mount Escape 3 - Looped Arm 1
  107. Back Mount Escape 4 - Looped Arm 2
  108. Back Mount Escape Scramble Options
  109. Back Mount Counter 1 - Arm Trap
  110. Back Mount Counter 2 - Shin Lock
  111. Back Mount Counter 3 - Step Over Ankle Crank
  112. Back Mount Counter 4 - Reverse Heel Lock
  113. Back Mount Counter 5 - Knee Bar
  114. Figure 4 Body Anaconda Knee Bar
  115. Figure 4 Body Anaconda - Ankle Crank Counter
  116. Judo Kimura Back Mount Dismount and Arm Triangle Counter
  117. Back Mount Escape Series Conclusion
  118. Ghetto Chokes from Quarter Position
  119. Ghetto Choke Counter to Takedown Attempt
  120. Scorpion Death Lock with a Twist
  121. Taking the Back from Quarter Position (And Back Break Downs)
This list is a fraction of the videos in our library, and new content is added each eeek.

mma training videos

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